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Performing at Aris on Tues, Wed and Thurs.....check the Calendar for more giving Piano Lessons.......


Keyz Brown (aka Bill Brown)

Piano, Synthesizers, Vocals, Arranger, Composer

Musical Styles - Jazz, Blues, Rock, Reggae, Experimental, Classical.

Started playing piano at age 6. Studied Classical, and Jazz. Played in alot of groups and ensembles doing various musical styles.

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zebra piano


Performing mostly Solo Gigs the last couple of years. Blending various musical styles.. with an emphasis on Improvisation....

It's nice to get to the point where you become a channel for the creative. You connect to the flow and embark on a musical journey...

Cover tunes to me ..should be done in original ways. It's nice to take off on a solo or vamp and end up going in various musical directions.. and then return to the original tune as a landing point...

Stay Creative It's Godly


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